Custom Plastic Creations for Every Industry

From automotive, chemical, architecture, oil, gas, energy, electronic, aerospace to healthcare, we serve almost industries with top-notch plastic solutions.

Discover durable and reliable plastic finished products. Explore our wide range of custom solutions now!

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    Available Plastic Products

    PEEK Rods

    PEEK Rod

    for High-Performance Engineering

    Explore durable PEEK rods Now! They are engineered for unmatched performance in demanding applications. Elevate your projects with trusted precision and reliability.

    PEEK Tubing

    PEEK Tubing

    Precision in Every Inch
    Explore our PEEK tubing solutions for precisely fluid management. With exceptional chemical resistance and dimensional stability, our tubing ensures optimal performance.
    PEEK Sheet

    PEEK Sheet

    Versatility Meets Strength

    Elevate your projects with our PEEK sheets – a perfect blend of versatility and strength. Unrivaled thermal and chemical resistance for superior industrial performance.

    PEEK Seal

    PEEK Seal

    Reliable Sealing Solutions
    Enhance your equipment’s reliability with our PEEK Seals. These seals ensure leak-free operations in the most demanding environments. Elevate your equipment’s performance today!
    PEEK Plastic Bearing

    PEEK Bearing

    Durable for Smooth Operation
    Upgrade your machinery with our high-precision PEEK Bearings. Experience low friction, exceptional wear resistance, and longevity. Maximize efficiency with our top-quality bearings!
    ETFE Membrane

    ETFE Membrane & Film

    Redefine Building Projects

    Explore the possibilities with our ETFE Membranes and Films. Lightweight, transparent, and chemically resistant, they open doors to creative applications in architecture, agriculture, and more.

    UHMWPE Sheet

    UHMWPE Sheet

    Superior Wear Resistance
    Explore the exceptional strength, low friction, and chemical resistance of UHMWPE Sheets. From heavy-duty applications to industrial solutions, our sheets deliver unmatched durability.
    UHMWPE Rod

    UHMWPE Rod

    Unrivaled Toughness

    Elevate your engineering with our UHMWPE Rods. Unrivaled toughness, impact resistance, and self-lubricating properties. The perfect choice for demanding applications.

    UHMWPE Pipe

    UHMWPE Pipe

    for Efficient Conveyance

    Upgrade your fluid handling systems with our high quality UHMWPE Pipes. Designed for reliability and longevity, these pipes ensure seamless flow even in the most demanding environments.

    Who We Are

    About Us

    Bladen Plastic, located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, is a company specializing in the production and sales of high-performance engineering plastic products.

    Our company is committed to providing a variety of innovative plastic products, especially in PEEK, UHMWPE, ETFE and other materials, and has successively developed hundreds of molds for extruding and molding special plastic profiles of various specifications.