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Our UHMWPE pipe is continuously extruded from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene resin with a molecular weight of more than 2.5 million.

UHMWPE pipe is a new type of thermoplastic engineering plastic with moderate price and excellent performance.

It is widely used in the transportation of powder, slurry and gas in various industries.

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    ISO 9001

    Different Material Pipes Comparison


    UHMWPE Pipe

    PE Pipe

    Nylon 66 Pipe

    Steel Pipe

    Molecular weight

    >2 million

    20-300 thousand




    0.945 g/cm³

    0.96 g/cm³

    1.15 g/cm³


    Impact strength (23°C)

    1380 J/m

    270 J/m

    59-108 J/m


    Impact strength (-40°C)

    1500 J/m

    500 J/m

    <100 J/m


    Tensile breaking strength

    ≥32 MPa

    <25% MPa

    61 MPa


    Longitudinal retraction rate





    Tensile elongation at break





    Wear rate





    Friction coefficient

    0.07-0.10 mm³

    0.46-0.6 mm³

    0.37 mm³

    0.58 mm³

    Resistant to corrosion





    Scale buildup

    not easy to scale

    easy to scale

    easy to scale

    easy to scale

    UHMWPE Pipe Applications

    UHMWPE Mining Pipe

    Mining Industry

    UHMWPE pipes are widely used in the mining industry for transporting abrasive materials such as slurry, coal, and ore. The pipes benefit from their excellent abrasion resistance, which reduces wear and prolongs their lifespan.

    UHMWPE Dredging Pipe


    UHMWPE pipes are used in dredging applications for transporting sand, mud, and sediments. Their low friction coefficient helps in reducing wear and tear, and their lightweight nature facilitates easy installation.

    UHMWPE Wastewater Treatment Pipe

    Wastewater Treatment

    UHMWPE pipes typically find applications in water and wastewater treatment plants due to their corrosion resistance and durability. They are used for transporting chemicals and abrasive slurries in various water treatment processes.

    UHMWPE Conveyor Pipe

    Conveying Systems

    UHMWPE pipes are employed in pneumatic and hydraulic conveying systems for bulk material handling. Their low friction characteristics facilitate the smooth flow of materials, reducing energy consumption and system wear.

    UHMWPE Agriculture Pipe


    UHMWPE pipes can be used in agricultural irrigation systems for the transport of water and fertilizers. Their smooth surface minimizes the friction of agricultural fluids, preventing clogs and reducing energy consumption.

    UHMWPE Oil Gas Pipe

    Oil and Gas Industry

    UHMWPE pipes can be used in the oil and gas industry for the purpose of transporting abrasive slurries, chemicals, and produced water. Their resistance to chemicals and abrasion is valuable in this harsh environment.

    UHMWPE Chemical Pipe

    Chemical Processing

    UHMWPE pipes excel in conveying acids, alkalis, and other corrosive substances, providing a durable solution for the chemical industry. Their non-reactive nature ensures the reliable transport of aggressive chemicals.

    UHMWPE Food Grade Pipe

    Food Processing

    UHMWPE pipes are used in the food and beverage industry for transporting materials such as milk, fruit juices, and other consumable liquids. They are FDA-compliant, ensuring safety in food and beverage applications.

    UHMWPE Submarine Pipe

    Marine Industry

    UHMWPE pipes are used in marine applications for various purposes, such as transportation of water, and chemicals. Their resistance to salt water and chemicals is particularly advantageous in these environments.

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