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Among all plastic sheets, Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) sheets have the best wear resistance.

The higher the molecular weight of polyethylene, the more wear-resistant it is. Its impact strength will also increase as the molecular weight increases (reaching a peak at around 2 million).

Our UHMWPE sheets are mostly processed by compression molding (sometimes extrusion is also used, but the capacity is very low).

The sizes of our UHMWPE sheets are as follows:

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    ISO 9001

    Our UHMWPE Sheet Properties


    Test Method



    DIN EN ISO 1183-1

    0.93 ~ 1.05 g / cm3


    DIN EN ISO 868

    63 Shore D

    Molecular weight


    1.5 – 9 million g/mol

    Yield stress

    DIN EN ISO 527

    20 MPa

    Elongation at break

    DIN EN ISO 527


    Melting temperature

    ISO 11357-3

    135 °C

    Notched impact strength


    ≥120 Kj/m2

    Water absorption



    UHMW Sheet Thickness

    0.125 inch UHMW Sheet

    1/8 inch UHMW Sheet

    Suitable for applications where a low-profile, lightweight material is required. It may be used for lining chutes, conveyor components, and other surfaces to reduce friction and abrasion.

    0.25 inch UHMW Sheet

    1/4 inch UHMW Sheet

    Suitable for applications where moderate impact resistance and abrasion resistance are needed. Commonly used for marine dock fender pads, wear strips, and conveyor belt components.
    0.5 inch UHMW Sheet

    1/2 inch UHMW Sheet

    Used in applications where moderate to heavy-duty abrasion and impact resistance are essential. Such as material handling, conveyor components, and bulk material handling chutes.

    0.75 inch UHMW Sheet

    3/4 inch UHMW Sheet

    Become more robust and suitable for applications with higher impact loads and abrasion. Commonly used in applications such as snowplow blades, bumper pads, and wear strips.

    1 inch UHMW Sheet

    1 inch UHMW Sheet

    Used in heavy-duty applications where extreme wear resistance and impact strength are essential. Common uses include dock bumpers, guide rails, and machinery wear plates.

    2 inch UHMW Sheet

    2 inch UHMW Sheet

    Typically used in applications with extreme abrasion, impact, or sliding conditions. Common applications include conveyor belt skirting, chute linings, and as a heavy wear component in machinery.

    UHMW Sheet Color

    White UHMW Sheet

    White UHMW Sheet

    White is the natrual and commonly used color of virgin UHMWPE sheet. It tends to reflect sunlight better than darker colors, which can be beneficial in outdoor applications.

    Black UHMW Sheet

    Black UHMW Sheet

    Black UHMWPE sheet is generally less resistant to UV radiation, but it absorb more heat than lighter colors. This could be a consideration in applications where temperature control is crucial.

    Green UHMW Sheet

    Green UHMW Sheet

    The color green itself may not impart significantly different properties compared to other colors. Green UHMWPE sheet can be used for easy identification or color coding in certain applications.

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