Custom PEEK Rod Solutions

PEEK rods are semi-finished products extruded from PEEK resin raw material. Typically, it can be used to manufacture various PEEK parts, such as gears, bearings, valve seats, sealing rings, pump wear rings, gaskets, etc.

We can provide 6 types of PEEK rods that are widely used:

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    Our PEEK Rod Sizes

    PEEK Rod Sizes

    Our PEEK rods are produced through a continuous extrusion process.

    The outer diameter range is 5~250mm, and the length is generally 1000mm, 2000mm, and 3000mm (custom lengths are also acceptable).

    PEEK Rod Type

    Diameter (mm)

    Length (mm)






    Glass Filled



    White or Off-white

    Carbon Filled




    PTFE + Graphite + Carbon Fiber




    PEEK Rods Common Diameters

    0.125 inch PEEK Rod

    1/8 inch PEEK Rod

    This is a tiny diameter and is often used for fine applications, where space is limited, or for applications that require precise control.

    0.25 inch PEEK Rod

    1/4 inch PEEK Rod

    A slightly larger diameter than 1/8 inch, it provides more strength and rigidity. It provides a balance between strength and precision.
    0.5 inch PEEK Rod

    1/2 inch PEEK Rod

    This is a medium-sized rod and offers good strength and rigidity. It’s commonly used in engineering applications, such as structural components.

    0.75 inch PEEK Rod

    3/4 inch PEEK Rod

    Larger than 1/2 inch, it offers even more strength and rigidity. It’s suitable for heavier-duty applications that need mechanical properties.

    1 inch PEEK Rod

    1 inch PEEK Rod

    It’s a substantial size, providing high strength and rigidity. Appropriate for heavy-duty applications that need superior mechanical properties.

    2 inch PEEK Rod

    2 inch PEEK Rod

    2-inch PEEK rods can be used in specialized and heavy-duty applications, including large structural components and machinery.

    Reinforced PEEK Rods

    100% Virgin PEEK Rod

    100% Virgin PEEK Rod

    • Also known as unfilled PEEK, is the rod base material without any added fillers or reinforcements.
    • High chemical & temperature resistance, mechanical strength.
    • Commonly used in aerospace, automotive, medical devices, and electrical components.
    Glass Filled PEEK Rod

    Glass Filled PEEK Rod

    • Reinforced with glass fibers or particles, typically in a range of 10-30% by weight.
    • Enhances stiffness, strength, creep resistance, and dimensional stability.
    • Suitable for applications that need increased mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and resistance.
    Carbon Filled PEEK Rod

    Carbon Filled PEEK Rod

    • Contains carbon fibers or powder as reinforcement, typically in a range of 10-30% by weight.
    • Better thermal conductivity, and improved mechanical properties.
    • Typically used in applications where high mechanical performance and electrical conductivity are essential.
    PTFE Filled PEEK Rod

    Bearing Grade PEEK Rod

    • Incorporates PTFE, graphite, and carbon fiber into the PEEK matrix, typically each 10% by weight.
    • Improved lubricity, wear resistance, and reduced friction.
    • Commonly used in applications where low friction, lubricity, and wear resistance are required.
    ESD PEEK Rod

    ESD PEEK Rod

    • Adding carbon fiber or other conductive additives or compounds to PEEK resin.
    • Enhance electrical conductivity and reduce electrostatic discharge risk.
    • Commonly used in applications where the buildup of static electricity could be damaging.
    Ceramic Filled PEEK Rod

    Ceramic Filled PEEK Rod

    • Ceramic-filled PEEK rods contain ceramic materials like alumina or zirconia.
    • Like glass fiber, it can also improve properties like hardness, wear resistance, and thermal stability.
    • Used in applications requiring high temperature and wear resistance.

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