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PEEK material is currently widely used in the manufacturing of bearings, cause it has many advantages over traditional metal or ceramic bearings:

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    Types of PEEK Bearings

    PEEK Ball Bearing

    PEEK Ball Bearings

    These utilize PEEK material in the construction of the bearing, particularly in the ball components. These are similar to traditional ball bearings but take advantage of PEEK’s benefits, such as low friction, self-lubrication, and corrosion resistance.
    PEEK Sleeve Bearing

    PEEK Sleeve Bearings

    These bearings are designed as cylindrical bushings to fit around a rotating shaft. They provide smooth, low-friction motion. They are commonly used in applications with sliding or reciprocating motion, where traditional metal sleeve bearings may wear out more quickly.

    PEEK Flanged Bearings

    These bearings have an added flange that allows them to be easily mounted or secured in a housing. These are commonly used in applications where proper alignment and secure mounting are crucial, providing the benefits of PEEK along with ease of installation.

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